SAN DIEGO (February 24, 2009) – You Walk Away,, a company that helps families facing foreclosure, has announced a new product called the «Legal Assist» Modification Plan & Kit which aims to help distressed homeowners during the housing crisis. Created for consumers looking for guidance when faced with loan distress but who cannot afford to pay a high retainer fee, this comprehensive new program includes all the tools necessary to safely and confidently navigate the myriad of options and choices available to homeowners to possibly prevent or forestall foreclosure. The program includes a Loan Modification Kit, a Forensic Loan Doc Review, an attorney consultation, access to the company’s loan modification help line and help desk, and access to the dedicated members-only portion of the company Web site. The new program is being offered at $995 and is available immediately.

«We’ve created a program that brings the best tools and information together in one place so that homeowners can understand their options and act wisely when facing possible foreclosure,» explains principal and co-founder, Jon Maddux. «We wanted to offer as many different services as possible, such as our Forensic Loan Doc Review – which 80-percent of the time has been revealing major violations in lending documents – to give the homeowner a fighting chance in saving their home.»

The complete program includes the following tools and services:

1. Comprehensive Loan Modification Kit
A kit loaded with resources, «how to’s» and just about everything a homeowner will need to get a loan modification, including:

  • A step by step guide to walk homeowners through the process of obtaining a loan modification;
  • Tips for dealing with the lender’s loss mitigation department;
  • A checklist of items the lender will or may ask for;
  • What to do if a foreclosure has been initiated;
  • Sample hardship letters and other documents;
  • A list of lender phone numbers.

2. A Forensic Loan Doc Review
A comprehensive investigation of the documentation from the homeowner’s existing loan(s). Special federal and state compliance software is used to calculate and identify violations, and then compiles these results into a detailed report.

3. An attorney consultation to go over the results of the Forensic Loan Doc Review
Well over 80% of the audits on adjustable rate mortgage loan documents performed reveal major TILA (Truth in Lending Act), RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act), Predatory Lending, and Real Estate/Mortgage Fraud violations. This may give homeowners leverage when negotiating with the lender and provide an incentive for the lenders to grant a beneficial loan modification. All of the attorneys used by for the forensic program have been pre-screened and pre-selected.

4. Access to the Loan Modification Help Desk and dedicated Help Line
Exclusive to members only and accessible through our toll free number and email.

5. Dedicated Members-Only Access to the site
The Members area contains the latest financial loan modification tools and updated lender information

Those interested in additional information can visit the Web site at: or call YouWalkAway at 877-878-9255.

You Walk Away, LLC is located in San Diego and run by a team with over 50 years of combined real estate and legal experience. It is the objective of You Walk Away, LLC to empower homeowners who purchased their homes at the peak of the real estate market to take

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