The second program in the Disney’s Matinee Club series, ADVENTURES, starts Friday and runs for one week -March 27-April 2. At ADVENTURES, audiences can play the Monkey Dodgeball game, see the short film «Test Pilot Donald» and the full-length feature «Tarzan.»

The Disney Matinee Club morning program features not only classic animated short films and full-length Walt Disney animated motion pictures, but also sing-alongs, costume dress-ups, parades and other activities that kids and their moms and dads can enjoy together. Upcoming programs: Motormania Program (April 17-23) – Play the Motormania Race game and enjoy the short film «Mater and the Ghost Light» and the hit film «Cars.» Pre-School Program (May 8-14) – Take part in a «Follow the Leader» sing-along and sing-along parade. Watch the classic short film «Tugboat Mickey» and the feature presentation «The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.».

Boston-area playdate theatres are: AMC Boston Common, AMC Framingham, AMC Methuen, AMC Liberty Tree 20 and Showcase Patriot Place.

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