Mark your calendars. In the next Hora del Café local talent will pay tribute to the vibrant Dominican culture and its contributions to our City. Tribute to Dominican Independence, February 27, 2009- 7:00 PM

Youth Events

  • Dancing Over Crime


  • «Perico Ripiao» with Tony and Grupo Típico
  • Trío Paez
  • Ricardo Vela
  • Promissa
  • Lizandro Segura
  • Maite Parsi


  • Lenguaviva

Poetry & Readings

  • Carmen Amador
  • Wendy Hernández
  • María Moreno
  • Juan Valerio
  • César Sánchez
  • Leonardo Nin
  • Daly Sepúlveda

If you are interested in sharing your talent or for more information please contact:

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