BOSTON – On Saturday, March 24, dozens of specially trained volunteers will help qualified immigrants fill out and submit all the paperwork required so they can become United States citizens.The clinic marks the launch of Become a Citizen Now! Massachusetts, a collaboration between national and local partners seeking to increase naturalization rates.

Massachusetts enjoys higher rates of naturalization than most states, but it still has room for improvement. About half of the state’s foreign-born residents are already naturalized. Of the state’s 320,000 Legal Permanent Residents («green-card» holders), 180,000 are eligible to naturalize but have not yet done so.

«As a naturalized citizen myself, I can attest to the profound benefits of citizenship,» said Eva Millona, Executive Director of MIRA. «For families, it allows easier travel, derivative citizenship for children, and greater employment opportunities. But the most important benefit is the full civic participation it allows, including the right to vote. It is a transformational privilege.»

At the event, trained immigration specialists and interpreters will guide applicants through the entire 10-page application form.

WHAT: Free Citizenship Application Clinic

Attendees should bring:
Â* Green card
Â* Passport
Â* List of your addresses AND employers for the past five (5) years
Â* Two passport photos
Â* Marriage and divorce certificates
Â* Social Security Card (optional)
Â* Money order in the amount of $680.00 (optional)

NOTE: Certain low-income LPRS may qualify for fee waivers. Please inquire when you call to register
To register call 508-444-2254 or e-mail
To register online visit
To volunteer at the clinic visit

WHERE: St. Andresws Episcopal Church
3 Maple Street
Framingham, MA

WHEN: 11 a.m. Â- 1p.m., Saturday, March 24, 2012



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