This past Wednesday the premiere of Get The Gringo, the new film starring Mel Gibson, took place at an unprecedented event in the city of Austin, generating a lot of buzz in the local press. The premiere was attended by the protagonist as well as director Adrian Grunberg, co-star Kevin Hernandez and other cast and crew members, and culminated in a live Q&A in which Gibson partook all while being broadcast simultaneously on various screens throughout the country. The premiere was also attended by the members of Banda Machos, the popular Mexican group that composed a song about the film, which could be seen as a bonus video when Get The Gringo comes out on DVD.

The film tells the story of an American criminal who ends up imprisoned in a Mexican jail and must make use of all his cunning instincts along with the help of an unexpected friend to survive. The film marks Gibson’s return to the classic roles that made ??him a star, and you will be able to see it all exclusively on Video On Demand through DirecTV starting May 1.

Get The Gringo is the story of Driver, played by Gibson, a criminal who while trying to escape the police crashes into the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico and ends up arrested by Mexican authorities. He is transferred to the harsh prison of «El Pueblito,» where he meets an unusual character who will teach him the ropes of a dangerous world where one wrong move can cost you your life. Pursued by the mafia in his own country, convicted by the local police and despised by his fellow prisoners, Driver will have no choice but to trust this new friend.

But the one who teaches him about El Pueblito is not your average criminal; heÂ’s a clever 10-year-old boy who already knows how things run south of the border and turns out to be DriverÂ’s sidekick in an unusual relationship where the protagonist succeeds in revealing a human side completely opposite from what we are first presented with in the film. The role of the boy is played by the young Kevin Hernandez, who was seen last year alongside Jonah Hill in the comedy The Sitter. Hernandez, who at 14 years promises much talent up ahead, joins a cast with a large Latino presence, including actors Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Jesús Ochoa, Roberto Sosa, and Dolores Heredia, among others.

The bilingual film, shot in Mexico, California and Texas, shows the classic Gibson in the typical tough-guy role that made ??him one of the most recognized actors on the planet. As always, he is comical and dapper, in a new heroÂ’s take on movies like Lethal Weapon and Braveheart, and will satisfy the most avid action and adventure fans. In addition to his starring role, the actor claims the credits for co-writing and producing the film.

Direction is carried out by Adrian Grunberg, who debuts in his first directorÂ’s role after having worked in Mexico with Gibson as first assistant director on Apocalypto, directed by Gibson and released in 2006, marking the first experience for the actor and director together in the Latino world. They have joined once again for Get The Gringo.

Betting heavily on new distribution channels, the film will not be released in cinemas, but will be available to the public directly in the comfort of their own living rooms through Video On Demand on DirecTV on May 1, 2012, a business that has experienced spectacular growth in recent years and will certainly become a norm for such releases.


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