On December 14th, 15th and 16th, Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks will feature food & cocktail specials in which all proceeds raised with go to School Sabatino in Chacraseca, Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in our hemisphere. At the age of 10, most children leave school to work full-time and support their families. Three years ago a Saturday high school was started to allow for continued education and enrollment has nearly doubled in the last year. The school is approved and registered with the Ministry of Education however there is no money in the budget to cover the teachersÂ’ salaries. FriendsNE is paying the teachersÂ’ salaries but struggles to find consistent monthly support for the project. As of today the enrollment for the school year beginning in February 2012 is 121 students covering the first three years of high school.

«Last year, Eastern Standard created a cocktail and an appetizer special, and over the course of three days, we raised $1800,» said Molly Hopper, Marketing & Guest Relations Manager at Eastern Standard. «This money built a house for a family. This year, we are supporting a school in Chacasecra, Nicaragua. This school is a Saturday High School which exists to provide higher education for those who work to support their families during the week. We’ve set a goal of $3,600 which would pay a teacher’s salary for the entire year.»

According to Hopper, the Nicaraguan themed menu offered from December 14th to the 16th, includes Spicy Snapper Ceviche, pickled jalapeños and sweet potato chips; Braised Goat Feijoada, cilantro cumin crust; and a cocktail menu featuring Flor de Cana, a rum from Nicaragua. For more info on the event, click here.

The fundraising, three-night event will culminate with a Latin-inspired Friday night DJ set by Ryan Brown and DJ Tyler Made.

About FriendsNE: FriendsNE is a non-profit who strives to provide adults with meaningful opportunities to assist the poor. The group builds partnerships in Nicaragua, and all over the world, and projects range from working with migrant workers to community gardens to building homes and assisting in the design of potable water systems. For more information, visit: www.friendsne.org.


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