On Tuesday, April 6, 2010 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM The Beehive’s co-owner and resident curator Jennifer Epstein will be joined by artist and co-curator Jeff Perrott (who is represented by the Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York City and Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston) to host the 8th installment in The Beehive’s continuing art series entitled, Sting! 8: Where there’s Smoke…

The ongoing event always signifies the launch of a new art installation at The Beehive and highlight’s an evening of great entertainment, great food & libations along with amazing art!

Where there’s smoke,there’s usually fire. And in this case, The Beehive will smolder with twelve hot emerging and established artists from Boston to New York. The diverse paintings, photographs and drawings presented in The Beehive’s 8th installment of its ongoing Sting! Series brings new energy, light and spring awakening to the surrounding urban landscape. From ArisaBoit, who literally paints with fire in her journey of spiritual renewal, to Udo Noger, whose paintings evoke a smoldering exploration of light, to Henry Horenstein’s documentary photographs of the «smoky» side of drag and burlesque, to Daniel Heidkamp, whose paintings, according to one critic, «reveal hot, buzzy tones [that] rub against one another and set off retinal sparks,» the artists of Sting! 8: Where there’s Smoke... bring fire and vitality to the always buzzing walls of The Beehive. Sting!8will kick offwith a special musical performance by Chris Collingwood, lead singer of the alternative pop band «Fountains of Wayne.»


Arisa Boit

Quentin Curry

Henry Horenstein

Daniel Heidkamp

Fred Muram

Udo Noger


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