Washington D.C.- This week, the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign has begun a major escalation of its efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform in 2010 with more than 100 events in 28 states. Starting January 10th, Reform Immigration FOR America launched actions, town halls, marches, rallies, and vigils to demonstrate that the American people want comprehensive immigration reform this year. Americans all over the country want comprehensive reform that will protect workers and help with economic recovery, create millions of new taxpayers, keep families together, and protect the due process rights of all. This was confirmed by fresh polling data released this week from America’s Voice, that showed that large majorities of Americans (2/3) want Congress to pass comprehensive reform, including 69% of Democrats, 67% of Independents, and 62% of Republicans. The enormous flurry of activity underscores the urgency of passing reform especially when we need to work together to fix our economy.

This week’s mobilization occurred on the heels of major national developments for the immigration reform movement. Last Wednesday, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops urged the Obama administration to make immigration reform a priority to enhance national security and improve the struggling economy. The following Thursday, a major economic report from the Center for American Progress and Immigration Policy Center demonstrated that even during a recession, a path to legalization for immigrants would add $1.5 trillion to the U.S. economy, raise the wage floor of all U.S. workers, and generate up to $5.4 billion in new tax revenues. With so many Americans suffering during the economic downturn, fixing the economy should be Congress’s top priority. Comprehensive immigration reform would put the economy on a more stable footing, provide a vital boost for recovery, and increase wages for all.

«Americans are serious about fixing our broken immigration system, and this nationwide escalation is a demonstration of the reform movement’s strength all over the country,» said Mehrdad Azemun, Field Director for Reform Immigration FOR America. «This is a huge nationwide coalition of communities in states all over the country that is telling Washington: We want you to put aside partisan game-playing, and solve our toughest problems. Our broken system is a bi-partisan problem that requires real leadership from our elected officials.»

A small sampling of events:

Colorado: In Aurora/Denver, hundreds gathered with community faith leaders and immigrant advocates to call on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Tonight in Denver, an immigration reform town hall with Senator Michael Bennett (D-CO) is expected to draw thousands. These are part of several dozen immigration reform events scattered throughout the Rocky Mountain West.

Michigan: In Grand Rapids, hundreds gathered with community faith leaders at Nueva Esperanza Church to call on their elected leaders to get a comprehensive immigration bill done this year. A separate event in Troy attracted hundreds. In Detroit later this week, thousands of Michiganders are expected at an interdenominational faith event for immigration reform.

New Mexico: Hundreds of immigration reform advocates are expected to march in Santa Fe for comprehensive immigration reform later this week. This will happen along with congressional visits and separate events in Roswell and Las Cruces to mobilize New Mexicans for reform.

Pennsylvania: Reform advocates are staging rallies and actions in each of the Congressional Districts in Southeast Pennsylvania, and will culminate


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