[Boston, MA] – On March 1, 2010, ¿Oíste? launched a statewide campaign to ensure a full count of Latino communities in the 2010 Census. In particular, ¿Oíste? will focus its efforts on the hard to count Latino communities of Lawrence, Lynn, and Taunton.

Anna Lucia Stifano, lead coordinator of the project, said «participation in the census is crucial to obtaining reliable information regarding the population in each state. This is the data that is used to determine the amount of seats each state holds in the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition, this information is also used to determine the allocation of over $400 billion dollars of federal funding each year to be spent by the states on infrastructure and services such as public works projects, schools, hospitals, emergency services, and senior centers, among others. It’s obviously very important that we ensure everyone’s participation.»

«In a state as culturally and ethnically rich as Massachusetts, only through accurate census information regarding the number of Latinos residing in the state can we be confident that these communities and their needs will be addressed and represented in a proportionate and fair manner. The significant growth of the Latino population in recent years is believed to have contributed to the growth of the state’s population in a way that might increase the number of seats it is entitled to in Congress. More alarmingly, Latino abstention in the census could effectively result in a loss of seats that would be detrimental for the state’s representation at the Federal level,» said Giovanna Negretti, Executive Director of ¿Oste?.

¿Oíste?’s mission is to promote the principles and practice of democracy to advance the political, social and economic standing of Latinos and Latinas in the state. As such, it wants to encourage all Latinos to submit their census forms in order to ensure sufficient funds for infrastructure and service improvements as well as a fair number of Representatives advocating for their issues in Congress.

The census campaigns will include workshops, info sessions, and door knocking among others.

For more information, contact Anna Lucia Stifano at 617-426-6633.


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