BOSTON– The Museum of Science is proud to present the New England premiere of Arabia, a new giant-screen documentary opening to the public in the Museum’s Mugar Omni Theater, Friday, February 12, 2010. On Thursday, February 11, 2010, the Museum will celebrate the film debut with an evening premiere event, which will feature food, drink, presentations, and entertainment inspired by the film. At this exclusive premiere, guests can meet 24-year-old Saudi-Arabian filmmaker, Hamzah Jamjoom, who will share his experience as a key figure in the film. Limited tickets are available to the public.

The Museum’s newest Omni presentation is a kaleidoscopic portrait of Arabia that delves into its storied past and oncoming future through a mix of contemporary images of modern-day life, epic historical recreations of ancient civilizations, and digital visual effects. Through the magic of New England’s only IMAX dome theater, audiences can ride across the dunes with a camel caravan, dive into the treasure-laden Red Sea, explore the ruins of a towering lost city, journey back in time to the Islamic golden age of invention, and join three million Muslims on the Hajj pilgrimage–the largest gathering on Earth. Narrated by three modern-day Arabians, the film will introduce audiences to the young Arabians transforming tomorrow’s world.

For many people, Arabia will be a first chance to experience life in a part of the world usually glimpsed only in news clips. The film presents a surprising and illuminating journey that can serve as a bridge between two cultures that have long misunderstood one another.

Arabia is sponsored by The MathWorks.

Admission to the Mugar Omni Theater is $9 for adults, $8 for seniors (60 ) and $7 for children (3-11).

For more information or to purchase tickets in advance, call 617/723-2500, (TTY) 617/589-0417, or visit

Transpórtate al medio oriente y viaja por el mágico mundo árabe con el documental Arabia proyectado en el Mugar Omni Theater, el domo con pantalla y tecnología IMAX del Museo de Ciencias de Boston. Este film del joven cineasta saudi Hamzah Jamjoon brindará a los asistentes una perspectiva diferente de una parte del mundo que usualmente solo aparece en clip noticiosos en la televisión. Los boletos para este evento cuestan $9 para adultos , $8 para personas de la tercera edad y $7 para niños entre 3 y 11 años. Para más información o para comprar boletos, llame al 617-723-2500 o visite


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