Boston, MA. – The Women of ALPFA Boston in collaboration with the Center for Women and Enterprise, and Sanchez &Santiago, CPAs announced today that they are hosting the Fourth Annual Collaborative Latina Summit titled Latinas Empowered by Women of Power: A Rise of a New Generation of Leadership in America on May 20 at Babson College.

Marcel Quiroga, Vice President of the Women of ALPFA Boston stated that «The Latina Summit is an opportunity to learn from, about and with Latinas, as well as to highlight women of different backgrounds. It is Women of ALPFA’s marquee event.»

As keynote speaker at the Summit, New York Secretary of State, Lorraine Cortes-Vasquez, will speak about her career path as a Latina. The Summit will also provide learning opportunities for participants in the parallel corporate and entrepreneur sessions that will follow the keynote address. Speakers on the corporate panel include Mary Beth Nash, Senior VP, Global Talent Officer of State Street Corporation; Mary Teresa Crealese, Partner at KPMG; Annabelle Jimenez-Wells, Divisional Vice President at TJX Companies; and Audrey Shelto, Senior VP, Health and Wellness, of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Carrie Johnson, former President and CEO of the Sparkle Company, and author of From The Pits to The Palace, will be joining Elaine Caprio Brady, Vice President at Liberty Mutual, and Dr. Jan Shubert, head of the Babson Center for Women and Leadership, for the entrepreneur panel.

«The Center for Women and Enterprise is proud to be a co-sponsor of the 4th annual gathering of Latinas through the ALPFA event. CWE will continue to support women to realize their dreams by partnering with others, like ALPFA, who provide services and education that will help them create a vision, start a business, and grow to prosperity», said Susan Rittscher, CEO of the Center for Women and Enterprise, about the organization’s partnership with ALPFA.

Carol Sanchez, CPA and co-founder of Sanchez & Santiago, CPAs added, «As we enter 2010 in Boston, we do indeed have a New Generation of Leadership in the next generation of Latina and/or Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs. In this new decade, we grow in numbers, years of education, and economic power. I look forward to the 2010s!!!»

The summit will take place on Thursday, May 20, 2010 at Babson College (231 Forest Street, Babson Park, MA 02457-0310) with registration beginning at 4.30 pm, followed by the keynote address and corporate and entrepreneur sessions. The Summit will close with a networking reception ending at 9:30pm. For more information and to register, visit

ALPFA has over 34 years of existence and is the nation’s oldest and largest Latino/Hispanic professional association with 39 chapters and over 13,000 members. ALPFA’s mission creates opportunities, adds value, and builds relationships for its members, the community and its business partners while expanding Latino and diverse leadership in the global workforce.

The ALPFA Boston Chapter was founded in 2000. ALPFA Boston is the largest ALPFA Chapter in the country with over 2,200 members. Additional information, including membership information, is available on the ALPFA Boston website at:


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