Roxbury, MA – The Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall today
announced the creation of the Roxbury Institute of Technology ‘Immersive Education
High School (public charter pending)’. Acclaimed for its innovative, technological
advancements, Boston has a first of its kind in the world: a way for young people to earn a high school diploma remotely via Immersive Education .

Immersive Education is online learning that uses 3D technologies commonly found in video games, simulators, and virtual reality. Students in the care of the Division of Youth Services, Sheriff’s Department or shut-ins may enroll in the virtual campus.

When they are able to attend the physical campus, boarding facilities will be provided. AP/Honors courses will be offered as well. Any Boston school-age student is encouraged to apply.

As Director of the Immersive Education Initiative , Aaron E. Walsh notes, «Very few people in the world have access to this kind of technology».

The mission of the Immersive Education Initiative is to provide a second chance for those high school-aged learners who have not found educational success in their lives. The Immersive Education high school will better position young people to finish school, go to college or find employment.

Each student will be provided with a personalized strategic learning and lifestyle change plan and will be appointed a mentor from the board of directors who will help them mitigate their way through the educational and personal roadblocks presently in their lives. Research shows that young people respond very well to game-based teaching and learning platform technologies, hence the usage of online learning.

With regards to security risks, Roxbury Institute of Technology uses its own secured
virtual world server where the virtual campus teaching and learning takes place. The
system has banking-style security and authentication services. Only persons assigned a secured log-in by the school registrar have access to the virtual campus. School security and discipline on the virtual campus environment would be just like one would expect to find in a physical school environment.


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