In 2008 Mayor Menino expressed his support for World Unity Landmark to serve as the icon for the park and sees this landmark will be a great addition to the Boston landscape. World Unity, Inc. is working with The Children’s Museum to realize this dream and that will help change the perception that Boston is a racially divided city.

World Unity, Inc. founded in 1993 is a non-profit organization dedicated to making an enduring contribution to the elimination of all forms of bigotry, bias, prejudice and discrimination. We believe the construction of the World Unity Landmark can help us achieve this mission. It inspires a vision of diversity and inclusion. The landmark will showcase the Sun poem:

Are you greater than the sun
that shines on everyone: Black,
Brown, Yellow, Red and White
the sun doe not discriminate.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, «A mind stretched by a new idea can never return to its original dimension.» This poem invites us to stretch our mind and heart to look at equality, diversity and inclusion from a new dimension. It empowers us to embrace diversity. Individuals have shared powerful stories of how this poem impacted them from learning humility to learning forgiveness. This poem has been developed into an educational tool to teach diversity and inclusion and is now planted in 45 states in 45 schools such as Caltech, Johns Hopkins University, Lehigh University and Texas A&M. Boston will have the landmark showcasing this timeless and universal poem. It will impact the present and future generations.

Over the years we have received endorsements from our public officials including our senators, congressman and mayor as well as world leaders. One of the more compelling endorsements came from Eitan Haber, head of the Prime Minister’s Bureau of Israel, 1995, «the message of hope and unity, embodied in the proposed sculpture, will undoubtedly contribute to promoting better understanding, mutual respect and harmony among peoples of different ethnic and racial background everywhere.» After searching 10 years for a waterfront site in the Seaport district of Boston we secured an exciting site in the Children’s Wharf Park in 2004.

For more information call: (617) 971-0317 and ask for Sara.


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