(Greater Boston, MA) – So, you want to be like Jennifer Aniston, but minus that whole «Brangelina» situation? Or maybe it’s Gisele Bundchen you’ve been religiously trying to emulate? Well, International Hair Artist, Naz Kupelian isn’t a magician, but his highlighting technique will transform any hair color from dull to dazzling! It doesn’t matter if you were born with hair color that rivals Morticia of the Addams Family, Naz Kupelian will take those raven-like locks, and turn them into the golden, goddess-like tendrils you’ve always dreamed of.

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way is there to celebrate 2 months of sheer, warm- weathered bliss than by popping into the Naz Kupelian Salon for a new, lighter you! As a platform artist, Naz Kupelian is part of the elite Rusk creative design team responsible for the new national and international trends in the hair industry. Whether Naz Kupelian is demonstrating at a hair convention, or styling for a runway show, Naz serves as the source for fellow hairstylists on the latest hair cutting and coloring techniques.

So, stop by the Naz Kupelian Salon for those beautiful highlights you’ve always wanted! And if Tom Brady mysteriously starts knocking at your door, don’t worry, you can thank us later!

Also, don’t forget to pick up your very own green Rusk flat iron or blow dryer today! Going «green» has never made you look better! Both products are retailed for $135.99 and available at Naz Kupelian Salon, 311 Woburn Street, Lexington MA 02420. For more information please call 781.676.7791 or visit www.nazkupeliansalon.com.


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