The Latino population is changing America, and Latinos are destined to bear an increasing responsibility for how the country prospers and survives in the future, a subject of even greater interest now in these adverse economic times.

On Monday, Dec. 15th, Conexión, a leadership development program based in Boston since 2005, will be meeting at MIT Sloan School Faculty Club from 5:30 to 8:00 to conduct its final leadership meeting of the year and to launch its website. Conexión creates a pipeline of aware and confident Latino leaders who understand the challenges and opportunities of the world around us. Our vision is to understand the economic complexities the country faces and promote and sustain the long-term prosperity of the United States by leveraging the talent of Latinos and empowering them to become the next generation of leaders who make a difference in the quality of life of the country.

Conexión’s website represents an expansion of its development into a national organization that will make Boston a center for Hispanic national leadership development. We explore how to combine the best of what we know about mainstream leadership skills with the Latin sensibilities that we believe enhance and enrich our work environments, our communities and our country.

Our discussion leader for the evening is Jesse Treviño of Austin, Texas. Treviño is a writer and social critic whose foremost interest is the impact of the demographic changes transforming the United States and the world. A former journalist, speechwriter at the White House and television producer, he believes the development of visionary leadership within American society, specifically among Latinos, is central to how the country survives in the future.

We hope that this topic of the emergent Latino demographic, its impact and the opportunity to explore a microcosm of what is happening nationally and globally will be of interest to you.


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