The next meeting of the Latino-Jewish Dialogue group, hosted by the American Jewish Committee, will be held on Thursday, March 5, 2009, at 8:00am, on the 9th floor of 126 High Street. Breakfast will be served.

The Latino- Jewish Dialogue group has not met in quite awhile, and we are determined to rekindle the 5 year relationship that has proven so beneficial and fascinating to both our local communities.

As a group, we have confronted–honestly and openly–relevant issues in the past: Bilingualism, Immigrant Rights, Latino and Jewish Identities, Assimilation and Acculturation in America. We have heard from wonderful speakers like Ilan Stavans, Richard Chacon, former assistant editor for international affairs at the Boston Globe, as well as the Director of the Immigration Office in Boston.

At our next meeting, we will continue to confront issues of mutual concern in a bold and informative way. With this purpose in mind, we have invited as our guest speaker: Nadav Tamir, Consul General of Israel to New England.

Consul General Tamir will address the issue of Gaza, the Israeli elections and the future of the Middle East peace progress.

The tragic upheaval in Gaza has stunned and disturbed the world. What is this conflict really about? What are the prospects for a peaceful resolution? What is expected of the new Obama Administration? What will be the impact of the Israeli Election on February 10 on the Peace Process?

We know that all of you have a lot of questions, and Nadav Tamir will answer all them, no matter how challenging. Please take advantage of this opportunity for a genuine dialogue with one of Israel’s most outstanding diplomats.

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Invite your friends to join you. Let’s continue to break down the barriers that separate our ethnic and religious communities in Boston.

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