Boston, Massachusetts. – On the eve a much anticipated meeting between President Obama and Congressional Leaders to begin tackling immigration reform, members of the Massachusetts Chapter of National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC), urge the President and the U.S. Congress to swiftly enact sensible and humane immigration reform. «We commend President Obama and Congressional Leaders for taking up the daunting challenge of fixing a system that is woefully broken, unjust and immoral», stated Tito Meza, Director of the Honduran Project . «We are also concerned that any legislation proposed, far from substantively changing a law that is a complete waste of tax payers dollars and that engenders suffering among immigrant families, will rather expand on these precepts» added Meza.

In addition to highlighting their concern for the inclusion of anti-family measures, leaders in the Latino immigrant community urged President Obama and the U.S. Congress to include an expeditious and financially accessible path to legal permanent residency for people who have been forced to live without such protection by the current obsolete law that we have in place.

«We are a blessing to this country» stated Yessenia Alfaro, Organizing Director of the Chelsea Collaborative. «We deserve to be full members of the country we have adopted and to which we have contributed with our work, our taxes, our family values and our culture. We are concerned that the process to make us full members of this society, that is to say, citizens of the United States, will be frustrated by long and thorny legal processes or by temporary work visas that will not fully protect our rights» added Alfaro.

While the Latino immigrant community hopes that comprehensive immigration reform includes a reasonable path to citizenship, reducing the long waits for the processing of legal permanent residency and citizenship applications, and restoring due process for immigrants in detentions and deportation proceedings, it is acknowledged that such a comprehensive approach may not be politically feasible in today’s political context. «If comprehensive immigration reform that truly fixes the moral brokenness of our current system is not possible this year, we urge the Obama Administration to use his Executive authority to put an immediate end to raids and to the collaborations between immigrations agents and local police departments» stated Lucy Pineda LUMA’s Executive Director. «We also urge the U.S. Congress to enact limited-scope legislation that supports the integrity and unity of families, which, if approved, would contribute towards achieving an immigration policy that is sensible and humane» concluded Pineda.


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