Chicago, IL – Senator Edward M. Kennedy has passed away after succumbing to a long battle against brain cancer. Leaders of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities,a national umbrella organization representing hundreds of grassroots immigrant led organizations from around the country, have issued the following press statement mourning this loss.

«Senator Kennedy was a stalwart defender and advocate for the rights of all people. He dedicated his entire political career to ensuring greater economic equity and social justice in the country that he loved and served so well. In addition to fighting to lift the minimum wage for workers and ensuring that everybody had access to affordable and quality health care, Senator Kennedy was one of the most ardent advocates for a more humane and sensible immigration policy», stated Oscar Chacón, NALACC’s Executive Director.

«As the descendant of an immigrant Irish family, Senator Kennedy never forgot his immigrant roots and fought to ensure that the Statue of Liberty’s torch of promise continued to shine brightly for newer generations of immigrants coming to the United States seeking refuge and fulfillment to their hopes and dreams of a better life», stated Ms. Angela Sanbrano, NALACC’s Board President.

«We thank Senator Kennedy for his tireless efforts on behalf of the immigrant community and we deeply mourn his passing away. We convey our condolences to Senator Kennedy’s family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them in this time of sorrow. Senator Kennedy was an inspiration to us all for the steadfast, consistent and courageous way in which he held fast to his principles and vision. He will be missed», concluded Mr. Chacón.


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