State College, Pa. — 17 August 2009 — reports the first hurricane of the 2009 Atlantic tropical season, Bill, may become a major hurricane this week. Meanwhile, Ana, a tropical depression, continues to show a will to survive and has pressed into the northern Caribbean Sea.

Currently spinning approximately 1,000 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, Bill is expected to strengthen even more while heading over the open Atlantic the next few days. Hurricane Bill could become the first major hurricane of the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season as the week progresses.

Bill will gradually curve to the northwest and then to the north. How quickly this curving occurs will determine the magnitude of impact upon the Atlantic Seaboard and Atlantic Canada.

A delayed northward turn would imply the greatest impact on the Atlantic coast. An early turn to the north would keep the hurricane over open waters.
Ana became the first named tropical storm of the year in the Atlantic on Saturday but was downgraded to a tropical depression late Sunday afternoon.
Ana will track south of Puerto Rico by this evening before moving over Hispaniola on Tuesday. Heavy showers and thunderstorms, gusty winds and rough surf will affect these areas as Ana approaches.

If Ana can hold together over the next few days as it brushes the large, mountainous northern Caribbean islands, the storm could redevelop into a stronger tropical system once it emerges into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico late this week.

Vacationers and boaters should remain aware of Bill’s and Ana’s location, track and intensity through this weekend. Regardless of the track, seas and waves will build, especially along the Atlantic coast. Bathers should be cautious. Rip currents will increase in strength and number.

A new tropical wave pushed off the Africa coast and will be watched for any development this week. The wave is emerging from the same area where Ana, Bill and Claudette came from.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski


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