Our friends from Being Latino, ita[euro](TM)s creator, Lance RA\0xADos, and Cesar Vargas and Roberto Rios III made Boston their second stop on their Latino Heritage Road Trip. Following is an excerpt of Roberta[euro](TM)s impressions of this trip.

a[euro]oeDay two started with a traffic jam, on the way from Providence, RI to Boston, MA. It should have taken an hour, allowing us plenty of time to spare before our live interview at Mas En Vivo, a local morning show at MasTV. Two hours later, with only fifteen minutes left to spare in the program, we made it by the skin of our collective teeth. There we met up with Digna Gerena, and Karla Medina, who after the interview, took us to Angelaa[euro](TM)s CafA(c), a delicious Mexican restaurant whose owners are from Puebla, the town where Cinco de Mayo originated. DespuA(c)s del desayuno, it was off to the South End, where we visited an amazing neighborhood called Villa Victoria.

As briefly mentioned in yesterdaya[euro](TM)s recap, this barrio was once in danger of being bulldozed in 1968, that all changed when a group of predominantly Puerto Rican community activists, came together to form the IBA a[euro]» Inquilinos Boricuas en AcciA\0xB3n, transforming the area into a 435 unit affordable housing community. I can honestly say that more Latinos should use this barrio as an example as to what our neighborhoods and communities should be. They do a tremendous amount of work to honor and cultivate our culture, housing numerous programs for youths and elders, a technology, performing arts, and art center.

After the walking tour, we went back to Vejigantes Restaurant where they have taken a slice of La Isla del Encanto and brought it to the heart of Villa Victoria, with an eatery that looks straight out of Old San Juan.

A few blocks away, we were shown the future site of The Puerto Rican Veterans Monument, the first of its kind, honoring the men and women who served in the armed forces; there have been Puerto Rican soldiers in each of the wars America has fought in.a[euro]\0x9D

Without a doubt, Lance, Robert and Cesar made new lasting a[euro]~amigosa[euro](TM) on this trip and will continue to add to their social media fan base.

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