Tomado de The Boston Phoenix:

«At the outset of the press screening of Dave Filoni’s CG yet oddly lo-fi missing chapter (call it Episode 2.5, if you must) in George Lucas’s diminished saga, a five-year-old sitting nearby asked his dad, «Is this a toy commercial?» It is Star Wars, after all. It’s also an ad for an upcoming video game and an animated TV series debuting in October. What it’s not is a movie. With blocky, stiffly animated characters and even worse music, it’s a money-grabbing afterthought (good luck with that, George) awkwardly assembled from a few episodes of the new series. Yoda (Tom Kane) sends Anakin (Matt Lanter) and his new, Hannah Montana-like Jedi-trainee sidekick Ahsoka (Ashley Eckstein) to rescue Jabba the Hutt’s son — «his little punkie muffin.» Ahsoka dubs Anakin «Sky-Guy»; he names her «Snips.» The «Huttlet» they end up babysitting? «Stinky.» When Jabba’s uncle showed up sounding like a black Truman Capote, I dubbed Star Wars «done.» 98 minutes | Boston Common Fenway Fresh Pond Circle/Chestnut Hill Suburbs»

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