Rebecca Cline has performed or recorded in the US and Caribbean with such artists as Giovanni Hidalgo, Pedrito Martinez, Paulo Braga, Romero Lubambo, Jerry Gonzalez, Horacio «El Negro» Hernandez, Charles Neville, and Alex Acuña. In 2007 she received a CMA grant to compose a suite for her quartet entitled Clay, Iron, Water, based on Yoruban-derived Afro-Cuban ceremonial music.

In 2005 she performed at the Kennedy Center as a finalist in the Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Piano Competition. Her piano playing and compositions can be heard on Enclave (Zoho Music), Somos Obbini Tumbao (Tumbadora), It Never Entered My Mind (Jon Hazilla) and Havaianas: Vida do Paraiso (Rambling).

Rebecca co-leads two bands in the Boston area: the Latin Jazz quartet, Enclave, with saxman and percussionist Hilary Noble, and the dance band, Obbini Tumbao–Latin Groove, with percussionist Anita Quinto. Rebecca is an Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, where she teaches Ensembles and Piano.


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