NBC gets exclusive interview with Clark Rockefeller

Look for more Clark Rockefeller articles on WHDH.COMBOSTON — Accused kidnapper and mystery man Clark Rockefeller is giving his first interview from behind bars.

In an exclusive interview with NBC, the 47-year-old German national appears calm and mild-mannered without admitting anything, including his true identity.

Earlier this month, the FBI said that fingerprints from a German man’s decade old immigration papers matched a kidnapping suspect who called himself Clark Rockefeller.

The FBI said it matched fingerprints from Christian Gerhartsreiter’s immigration papers from the early 1980s to those taken from a wine glass Rockefeller touched in late July — around the time he is accused of abducting his daughter — and those taken by Baltimore police after his Aug. 2 arrest.

Rockefeller snatched his daughter from a Boston street during a supervised visit on July 27 after hiring two people to drive them to New York. Authorities believe he meant to start a new life with his daughter.

You can see more of NBC’s exclusive interview with Clark Rockefeller next week on the Today Show, Monday and Tuesday morning right here on 7NBC.

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