«At Argentinean restaurant Tango in Arlington, once you get past a couple of obligatory salads on the menu, there’s no piddling around with vegetable appetizers or side dishes. Diners are here for one thing only: meat. The vast menu offers more cuts than your average supermarket butcher knows these days — sirloin, filet, skirt, flank, short ribs — and that’s before you even hit the lamb, pork, chicken, and seafood sections of the menu. For those unable (or unwilling) to choose, their signature parrillada ($38 for two people) offers grilled short ribs juicy and tender enough that they’ll make you wonder why most other cuisines feel the need to braise them, smoky grilled chicken, rich beef kidneys, spicy pork chorizo and morcilla (a/k/a blood sausage), and the meatiest sweetbreads (molleja) you’ll ever have.»

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