Boston, MA – The Chair of Students for a Free Tibet’s Board of Directors will arrive in Boston’s Logan airport at 6:55pm EST today after being detained and questioned by Chinese security officials for nine hours prior to his departure from Beijing. Boston native Kurt Langer had acted as a spokesperson with journalists after members and supporters of Students for a Free Tibet hung a «Free Tibet» banner outside the China Central Television (CCTV) headquarters in Beijing on August 15th.

Who: Kurt Langer, Chair, Board of Directors of Students for a Free Tibet and Boston native
Where: Boston Logan International Airport (Northwest Flight #374 via Detroit)
When: 6:55pm, August 17th 2008* Check airline to confirm arrival time
What: Welcome reception by Tibetan community at Boston Logan Airport

Students for a Free Tibet has staged six protests in Beijing since August 6th, including a dramatic banner hang near the Bird’s Nest Stadium; a display of Tibetan flags near the Bird’s Nest just before the opening ceremony began; a symbolic die-in at Tiananmen Square; a protest by a Tibetan woman with Tibetan flags outside Tiananmen Square; a blockade of the Chinese Ethnic Culture Park; and a «Free Tibet» banner outside the headquarters of CCTV. Thirty-six members and supporters have been detained and deported.

Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) is a network of young people and activists campaigning for Tibetan independence, with 700 chapters in more than 30 countries worldwide. SFT’s international headquarters are in New York, with offices in Toronto, London, and Dharamsala, India.


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