Ok, picture this… You’re dancing outside and another summer sunset is in full effect. Look around and the crowd is a sea of smiling faces. Cold beer in hand, you’re feeling the vibe as the DJ’s start to turn the party out for a night of dance music under the stars. Welcome to our idea of paradise; we call it Dancing On The Charles, a deliberate reaction to the people’s desire for a return to grassroots nightlife. Big sound system, great DJs, electronic music, BBQ, dancing outdoors and affordable prices.

Dancing on The Charles is a team effort, produced by Boston underground electronic music visionaries Soul Clap and Marz Entertainment. Since its inception in early summer 2007 both attendance and media interest swelled. Crowds of 300 flocked to the otherwise quiet riverside venue, consisting of people like local DJs, visual artists, retail industry, bloggers and music trendsetters.

Now, in 2008, partnered with Red Bull and The Weekly Dig, D.O.T.C. will be even bigger, boasting SEVEN event date, more DJs, VJs, a designer series where each event is paired with an artist to create a unique flyer and promotional apparel, advance ticket sales and even port-a-potty’s.

Thanks to the City Of Cambridge for helping make DOTC a reality. A portion of proceeds goto the American Legion and the Charles River Watershed Association.

D.O.T.C. will take place on Saturdays from 7pm-1am in 2008.
July 26th
August 23rd
September 20th – Cnyce/Soulclap Bday BBQ & DOTC CLOSING PARTY with 4 turntables and 2 mixers!


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