The BCYF Mason Pool located at 159 Norfolk Ave in Roxbury is hosting a FREE event for the community, to promote swimming and healthy activities for the entire family making the Mason Pool one of the places were the kids can come, learn to swim and have a safe zone for the families in the area. Also to let the community know that the pool is there for them to take advantage all year round.

Everyone is invited to attend this event, and they will be able to enjoy activities for kids, face painting, moon bounce, Live entertainment with local artist and the special presentation of Alexanderia the Great, who Fox News called a Modern Day Houdini, will attempt to live up to that title.

She will try to do what no other women has ever done. She will be attempting to go beyond Houdini by doing an escape she calls the Underwater Leap of Faith escape.

Alex will have a 15 pound lead weight belt fasten around her waist.
She will then have her hands shackled by the audience with 2 padlocks securely locking them in place.
Alex will then have a set of leg cuffs locked around her ankles.
A 5 foot chain connects the shackles from her hands to the cuffs to her feet stopping her from being able to swim to the surface unless she escapes.
Lastly we wrap 25 feet of additional steel chain around her arms three times and add a padlock each time. The remaining chain is pulled around her neck and through her legs and padlocked around her neck once and then the rest of the chains are pulled again up around her neck and padlocked a second time creating a harness.
All totaled the shackles, chains, lead weigh belt and 9 padlocks weight over 50 lbs.
5x more weight of restraints than what Harry Houdini did in his underwater escape in Boston.
Alex will then ready herself and leap into the 10 foot deep pool and must escape all of her restraints in a single breath or risk a drowning death.

This is why the CBS Evening News called Alexanderia the Great the «Housewife Houdini», Chronicle called her the «Suburban Houdini» and the Boston Phoenix said «Houdini is back and she is a female», everything Alex does is simply breath taking.

(Harry Houdini did this underwater escape in 1908 in Boston. The daring escape artist was wrapped in a single 8 foot chain, locked with one padlock and secured with 2 sets of shackles (one on his arms and the other on his wrists). His lower body was free of restraints so that should anything go wrong, he could simply kick to the surface. Total weight of his restraints about 10 pounds. He leap into the water and escaped in less than 10 seconds. )

To learn more about Alexanderia the Great go to her web site

For information please contact Las Parceritas Diana: 617-909-9996 or Mason Pool: 617-635-5241


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