Some may consider John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin the ultimate publicity stunt. Whatever his reason, the buzz surrounding his vice-presidential pick has reached a fever pitch, but will it remain for the last two months of the general election?

As the dust settles from the Republican and Democratic conventions, pollsters and pundits are asking who came out with the biggest publicity buzz?

Who better to answer that question than David Seaman, who The New York Times called «a PR stunt planner» in a recent article, and who has been the catalyst for several publicity stunts that transformed him from a random college student to an international media sensation in 48 hours.

David and his new book, Dirty Little Secrets Of Buzz: How To Attract Massive Attention For Your Business, Your Product Or Yourself, have already been featured in The New York Times

David has previously appeared on CNN Headline News, CBS Radio News and FOX’s The Morning Show. He lives in New York City.

New book now on the shelves nationwide at Barnes & Noble (This book is NOT self-published)


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