COMPARTE paired up with style expert and television personality, Daisy Lewellyn – The Queen of Effortless Chic -to match today’s hottest styles with the ultimate «It» accessory – your vehicle.

«Today’s popular styles are always evolving to reflect different tastes,» says Ms. Lewellyn. «Cars are no longer only boy toys. LeaseTrader helps turn your car into the ultimate accessory and embrace your style moments from season to season.»

Here are descriptions of today’s hottest fashion styles and the vehicles best suited for them:

Amanda, The Green Glam Goddess: Going green is beyond a trend; it has now become a fashionable way of life. This style is all about organically grown and nurtured wide-leg trouser jeans with a fantastic day-to-night clutch filled with loads of green goodies. Vehicle pairing: Driftwood Pearl Toyota Prius.

Anastasia, The Social Factor: This socialite is known for appearing at all evening events drenched head to toe in her estate jewels stepping out in fall’s latest and greatest. Jewel-toned floor-length gowns, polished in black on black, and metallic moments are definitely required for her social lineup. Vehicle pairing: Over-sized Carbon Black Metallic Denali.

Chloe, The Love Child: Chloe’s bohemian rhapsody wraps her in fall’s hippest, coolest trends that unite girls that reign as the greatest looking gypsies, hippies and stylenistas. Flowery printed chiffons and long tresses with layered bangs are must haves for this Love Child. Vehicle pairing: Palladium Silver Metallic Mercedes SL 500 convertible.

Lola, Petal to the Metal: Always in love with anything printed with a flower petal, it’s time to put Lola’s petal to the metal in her deep-colored floral pencil skirt and cashmere-fitted solid turtleneck. And for day looks, Lola opts for her classic belted trench in khaki, with a screamingly wild fall floral lining. Vehicle pairing: Montego Blue Metallic BMW X3.

If you want a different vehicle to match the latest styles, can help you exchange your current lease for a different vehicle. For advice on anything related to the fashion world, seek Daisy’s assistance at


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