BOSTON, MA – The first annual Boston Music Conference (BMC) will be held this September 26 and 27, and is the first major initiative in a series of events that will promote Boston within the music industry and offer the city’s aspiring talent a chance to meet some of the industry’s top executives and celebrities. This year’s conference will include workshops, various networking and educational opportunities and exclusive music industry events. The mission of the Boston Music Conference is to educate and empower the region’s youth and provide them with the information and tools necessary to pursue a career in music. One of the topics to be discussed in the conference this year is Latin music, an emerging genre that is crossing over into mainstream.

Boston has long been known as a source of major talent and is home to arguably the top educational institution for music. However, due to a lack of resources and opportunities within the city for students who are unable to attend college, many aspiring artists are forced to leave Boston to pursue their dreams in other cities. With the Boston Music Conference, more options will be available to the city’s youth in Boston.

The Boston Music Conference is sponsored and supported by many organizations within the city as well as nationally, including Berklee College of Music, MySpace, BMI, MTV3 and all of the major labels including but not limited to Sony BMG, Interscope Records, Mo Town, Def Jam and Universal. In conjunction with ROCA, a non profit organization, ( the BMC will be offering 25 scholarships to attend to youths who demonstrate a serious interest in pursuing a career in music but would not be able to attend.

In order to attend the Boston Music Conference, registration online at is required along with a registration fee of $99 for a limited time. Prices will increase closer to the time of the event and capacity is limited. Attendees are encouraged to bring their bio and promotional kit to the event as this is a rare opportunity to meet top music industry executives. Aspiring artists who would like their music to be considered for a commemorative CD to be distributed at the event can send a sample of their work to Workshops for the event will be held Friday September 26, from 12 to 5 followed by Showcase Performances at Mojitos at 48 Winter Street in Downtown Crossing. The conference will be held at the Roxy Tremont Ballroom at 279 Tremont Street in the Theatre District, Saturday September 27 from 12 to 6.

The goal of the Boston Music Conference (BMC) is to educate and empower the city’s aspiring talent who are interested in pursuing a career in music by bringing the resources and information to them in Boston. The BMC is the first part of an organized long term initiative to bring national attention to Boston as a source of major talent within the music industry and develop local talent.


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