The baby who was stolen from it’s mothers womb was found alive in New Hampshire Thursday morning. The baby, who was brought to a New Hampshire hospital for observation, appears to be in good health. Julie A. Corey, 35, was arrested in the killing and kidnapping. Corey is a former neighbor of homicide victim Darlene Haynes, who was found dead in her apartment on Tuesday with her baby ripped out of her womb. Though it seemed Haynes had died days earlier, it was not until Tuesday night that a medical examiner determined that she had been 8 months pregnant, and that her baby had been taken from her womb. Corey was arrested with probable cause that she kidnapped Haynes baby, but she has not yet been charged with homicide (the investigation is continuing).

The police began searching for Corey after friends alerted the police to her suspicious behavior. She allegedly told her friends she had delivered a baby sometime on Thursday night or Friday morning, but did not identify the hospital where she gave birth. The friends, who said they hadn’t known she was pregnant, became suspicious when she was already showing the baby off on Friday afternoon and called the police. Corey and a male companion were found in a shelter in Plymouth, New Hampshire. He was released to a relative. The family of Darlene Haynes is thankful for the swift location of the missing infant by the Worcester police department.

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