New York City, NY – A shift in New Year’s resolutions indicates that there is no love for financial uncertainty in 2009. According to the responses from’s annual «Dating Resolutions Survey,» singles’ resolutions no longer focus on getting out more or meeting new people, but rather on finding someone who is stable with a healthy financial outlook.

For the first time since began their annual «Dating Resolutions Survey» four years ago the bulk of responses (84%) are economically driven. Last year, such responses only made up 17% of dating resolutions going into 2008.

Typically, singles’ predominantly make resolutions about changing personal behaviour that affects and improves their dating life, such as «I will go out more often,» or «I will meet more people.» Also popular are resolutions relating to the lifestyle choices of those you would or would not date in the upcoming year. Classic examples include «I want to date someone who can work out with me,» or «I will not date another smoker.»

Leading into 2009 (and into the full swing of the recession) most singles are making resolutions that determine who they will date based on economic factors. Now more than ever, it is important for a potential mate to have a steady job, be debt-free, and have a bright financial outlook. Singles aren’t just looking for love anymore – they’re looking for love with good credit.

Responses from this year’s «Dating Resolutions Survey» include:

– «I will not date cheapskates»
– «I will only date women who have a career»
– «No more deadbeats»
– «I will only date women who are secure enough to pay for their own meals, open their own doors, and do things for themselves»
– «Done with gold digging girls for 2009»
– «I will not date an artist, musician, or anyone without a job»
– «I am only going to date someone if I know we can build a solid, stable future together»
– «I will only date men who are man enough to pay for the date»

With the brunt of the recession still to come, and the gloomy economic forecast for 2009, it’s not surprising to see that singles have become more practical and realistic in the face of harsh financial reality, as is reflected in this year’s new year’s resolutions. The effects of a dim economy are apparently strong enough to alter dating habits, and attractiveness.

«Before, I felt like I just didn’t have the time to waste on the wrong person. Now, I feel like I don’t have the time or money to waste,» explains Katie Ballantyne, one of FastLife’s clients who responded to the resolutions survey. «I’m not necessarily looking for a rich man, I’m just looking for someone who doesn’t have debt, who isn’t going to mooch off of me or put me in any financial risk…Right now, a steady job is right up there with a six pack or a Ferrari.»

At FastLife, this trend shift has already translated into more business. «Speed dating is ideal for people who want to cut to the chase,» says Dan Van Beek, one of FastLife’s event co-ordinators. «You date 12 people for what it would typically cost to date one, and you don’t have the pretence you would normally have to put up with if the date goes wrong – each date is only 8 minutes, and that’s usually all a person needs to know if they want to see them again.» Recently, FastLife has also received greater interest and registration in their Prestige Dating format, which requires members to undergo background checks for financial, employment and criminal history, to ensure all Prestige daters meet or exce


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