BOSTON–Rockbus LLC today announced the launch of its new concert transportation service for music fans in Massachusetts and throughout New England. Rockbus was created to provide music fans with convenient, comfortable, affordable and eco-friendly transportation to concert venues. Fans can check out shows and routes, and purchase seats on Rockbus at

«As music fans, we saw there was a real need for a concert transportation service that is easy and accessible, and truly improves the concert-going experience,» said Jim McPartlin, Rockbus co-founder and business manager. «And at the same time, we wanted to come up with a solution that was environmentally positive. We know music fans want to carpool to shows, and now Rockbus makes it easy for them.»

Starting with the 2009 summer concert season, Rockbus will service the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Mass, from departure points in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Driven by demand
Rockbus is uniquely structured so that rider demand dictates which bus routes run. Rockbus coaches are confirmed only when enough interest in a specific route has been identified, so no half-empty buses are on the road, wasting resources and releasing unnecessary emissions. Rockbus also makes every rider’s trip carbon neutral by purchasing an equivalent carbon-offset credit from Native Energy, a Vermont-based climate solutions provider.

Confirmed buses pick up at conveniently located Rockbus rally points around the region, and take riders to and from the concert venue’s front door. Rockbus encourages riders to get actively involved, by recruiting friends to ride together and suggesting new rally point locations.

«Rockbus is a great service for fans who are concerned about the environment–plus it saves time sitting in traffic lines getting in and out of the parking lot,» said Guster guitarist/vocalist and Reverb co-founder Adam Gardner. «Rockbus is a natural partner for Reverb’s campaign to educate and engage musicians and fans to promote environmental sustainability. Over 70% of any concert’s carbon footprint comes from fans’ travel. As a musician, I appreciate any effort a fan makes to help reduce a concert’s carbon output.»


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