Worcester police are involved in a desperate search today after a pregnant woman was murdered, and her womb ripped out and fetus removed. The body of Darlene Haynes of Worcester was found Monday, wrapped in a blanket in her apartment. The mother of three was 8 months pregnant. Haynes’ landlord, William Thompson, discovered her body when responding to a report of a foul odor coming from her apartment. Haynes was last seen on Thursday night. It appears that she died after suffering a heavy blow to the head.

Police are desperately searching for the fetus, dead or alive, by visiting hospitals in the area and urging the public to come forward if they have witnessed any suspicious behavior that might relate to the case. The fetus is still viable, and could be alive but would be in dire need of medical attention. No description of suspect, victim, or method of getaway has been established.

Haynes had an active restraining order against her long-time boyfriend Roberto Rodriquez, who she had accused of assaulting her in June. She had revealed to a friend that she was concerned that she was being watched. Millie Vasquez, a friend of Haynes, reported that Darlene had told her she was worried and «didn’t feel right». According to Haynes’ aunt, Darlene led a troubled life, did not develop intellectually and never finished high school.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to call Worcester detectives at (508) 779 8651

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