New York, NY (MMD Newswire) Feb. 2, 2009 – With a brutal wave of layoffs in the new year, one controversial media expert is encouraging more people to quit their jobs preemptively.

David Seaman, author of Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz and instigator of several nationally prominent PR stunts, says that quitting today is the answer for millions of workers caught in limbo. Here’s why:

  • Picture this, you are waiting in line with thirty other candidates in an employment office for an interview. When you get to talk to the HR guy he asks, «So you lost your job like the other hundred people I have seen today?» You can honestly say, «No, I had a good job and I was promoted but I quit because I can do better and I am highly sought after». Makes you very different than the other candidates! Differentiation is king.
  • You’re going to get fired anyway, it will look better on your resume if you quit.
  • Quitting may prompt your current employer to offer you a raise or improved benefits package to stay.
  • Quitting is almost unheard of in today’s economic climate; you will send a strong signal of self-worth and the story of your resignation will spread through the industry — you will become a legend, and a valuable commodity for HR managers to seek out.

David Seaman’s web site can be viewed at — his book is on shelves nationwide at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and at independent bookstores.

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