To help kick-off Transgender Awareness Week, Fenway Health Board member Joanne Herman will hold a reading and book signing for her new book «Transgender Explained For Those Who Are Not», sponsored by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, and the Transgender Rights Project of GLAD. The event will take place at Fenway Health’s 1340 Boylston Street home from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, November 17.



(Boston, MA) – In a new text designed for friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors who wish to better understand what it means to be transgender, author, business woman and activist Joanne Herman has written, «Transgender Explained for Those Who Are Not.» Relying on accessible, unpretentious language, personal references and anecdotes, and current, comprehensive information about transgender issues, Herman has organized an ideal reference and informed read in «Transgender Explained.»

«Transgender issues are increasingly being discussed in boardrooms and at breakfast tables, as part of policy initiatives and in workplace diversity trainings,» said Joanne Herman, author of ‘Transgender Explained.’ «I wrote this book to give our friends, allies, colleagues and neighbors insight into the transgender community, as a way to smooth the way for those who come after me. I have been privileged to play a role in the LGBT community, and this book is my way of giving back to my own community and the larger culture.»

This 148-page book, with references, suggested reading, and resources provides an excellent and approachable primer for anyone wishing to learn more about the transgender community. Organized into 30 graduated chapters, «Transgender Explained» takes readers from beginning definitions through challenges facing transgender individuals including family, faith and workplace discrimination, while also sharing positive stories of successful transgender leaders, and Herman’s own history.

Praise for «Transgender Explained for Those Who Are Not»
«Whether in the classroom, boardroom, or dining hall, Joanne Herman is met with excitement, enthusiasm and gratitude for her keen ability to take us through the rich complexities of gender with skill, patience, wit, and wisdom.» – Pamela Misener, M.Ed., Assistant Dean, Office of Pluralism and Leadership, Dartmouth College

«Joanne Herman has a great deal to teach us in her book. Hearing her personal reflections opens the door to truly being able to understand those you care for, and how best to care for them. Joanne’s book is an invaluable resource.» – Harvey J. Makadon MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Director of Professional Education, The Fenway Institute

«In these pages, [Herman] shares her perspectives as a business woman, activist, and church member who is transgender, providing a primer of basic facts, thought-provoking ideas, and helpful resources about gender-identity.» – The Rev. Ms. Ann B. Day, Open and Affirming Program Coordinator, United Church of Christ Coalition for LGBT Concerns (1987-2007)

«Transgender Explained for Those Who Are Not» is the first book by author Joanne Herman, who has been an active and visible transgender advocate in the Boston community, serving as the first transgender woman on the boards of directors for Fenway Health, Point Foundation, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD). Herman is also the first openly transgender member of the congregation of Old South Church in Boston (United Church of Christ), the same church where Benjamin Franklin was baptized and Samuel Adams served as a deacon. S


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