Telemundo’s 2008-2009 season promises more high-quality, original novelas for Hispanics.

Based on Gustavo Bolivar’s acclaimed, best-selling novel of the same name and inspired by true-life events, «Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso» (Without Breasts, there is No Paradise), is a mesmerizing story about an innocent young woman who makes the wrong choices. Forced to undergo surgery to escape from the misery that oppresses her, she meets an unscrupulous man who puts her own life in jeopardy. Will she make whatever compromises are necessary in order to survive? The international bestseller that astonished a generation is now set to launch a new era in television.

The street-wise Bruno never had anything given to him, so life became a game; a game in which he was determined to be a winner. For Santiago, power is everything… yet the only thing he can’t control is the woman he’s about to marry the stunning Barbara. She is a lawyer with a heart, who is willing to fight for justice – even if it means defending Bruno, the man that Santiago wants to destroy and the man that, unbeknownst to either, is Santiago’s own son. «Â¿Por Qué Diablos?» (Why the Devil…?) is a powerful story of intrigue, betrayal, vengeance and unbridled passion … where love is the only key to survival.

This season, Telemundo proudly presents an unforgettable melodrama about a mother’s ultimate sacrifice in «Amor de Madre» (A Mother’s Love). This is the heart wrenching story about a mother whose twin daughters are separated at birth, and is determined to give the one child she was able to keep every possible opportunity for happiness – including the only man she ever really loved. A strange twist of fate will intertwine the lives of mother and daughters in an extraordinary manner, revealing what a mother is willing to endure for her children.

In a place ruled by superstition, no one would trust Lola. No one – except for the one man who truly loves her. For years, Lola has been convinced that she brings misfortune to those who come near her, and has shied away from every living human being. One day, her hiding place is discovered and Lola is brought back into the community; but a series of strange occurrences inevitably lead to tragedy. Heartbroken and fearing for her life at the hands of the superstitious villagers, Lola believes she’s lost all hope… until the love of one man and the generosity of another turn her life around. «Lola Calamidades» (Calamity Lola) is the story of enchanted love, where passion is the only cure for a run of bad luck.

Telemundo presents a spectacular, star-studded production with «El Juramento» (Secret Lies). Santiago De Landeros, a noble hard-working businessman, is shocked by the violent suicide of his brother Diego. When he discovers that Diego’s dreams were shattered by the betrayal of a heartless woman, he seeks only one thing: to avenge his brother’s death. A gold chain with the letter «A» is his only clue and he discovers that there are only two like these in the world. Blinded by his lust for revenge, Santiago visits the place where his brother once lived, and along the way falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful young Andrea. The few clues he has all lead him to believe that the woman who betrayed his brother may be the same woman he’s fallen in love with. When the lines are blurred between love and hate, deception can forge a dangerous path.


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