COMPARTE Mark Gurrieri, 36, was working at a restaurant when a friend introduced him to his dining partner, GP Chris Britt, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The two men shook hands and Dr Britt noticed Mr Gurrieri’s huge, spongy-feeling hand and his large facial features as symptoms of acromegaly, a tumour at the base of the brain, which can be deadly if untreated.

Mr Gurrieri had the 2cm tumour diagnosed last month after doctors confirmed the rare condition.

«My mum thinks Chris is my guardian angel,» he said.

«I could have lost my sight, or I could have had a number of other ailments, so I think I owe my life to Chris – and a few meals at the restaurant.»

Dr Britt, 46, of Woodford Green, Essex, said he hadn’t seen a case of acromegaly since he was a medical student.

«It’s the sort of diagnosis you might make once in a career if you’re lucky. It’s so rare most GPs wouldn’t have seen patients with it.»



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