is a notes sharing site committed to optimizing the way college students learn by helping them develop a collective-knowledge platform. Their mission is help college students leverage the power of collaborative intelligence to achieve academic excellence. And while the site is available to college students nationwide, GradeGuru has chosen Harvard, Boston University and Northeastern as trial campuses to set the bar for academic excellence in New England.

How does it work?

  • Students upload their notes week-by-week or at the end of the semester
  • GradeGuru’s unique algorithm awards note contributors money based on a system of points that are calculated on both the quantity and quality of each student’s notes.
  • Students receive peer feedback, ratings, and reviews

And as if getting paid for your notes wasn’t enough, GradeGuru will be offering a $1,500 «Guru Grant» to the highest-rated «Guru» in the country this semester. To enter, students simply need to upload excellent notes and they are automatically entered to win.

Visit for more details.

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