(Jamaica Plain, MA) – Looking for a vegetarian meal with a rich delicious flavor that will satisfy your craving? Look no further than Jamaica Plain’s own Bella Luna Restaurant located above the Milky Way Lounge and Lanes. Just one of many of this hip restaurant’s savory dishes is the «Eggplant Puttanesca» ($14), stuffed with a delicious blend of chick pea, ricotta, roasted red peppers and a succulent puttanesca sauce. This dish is a vision of Executive Chef Jacob Zachow, who explains that his inspiration came from a desire to blend a combination of rich bold flavors in a way he had never seen done before. Chef Zachow’s «Eggplant Puttanesca» is a signature dish that can be made fast with simple, quality ingredients and is a treat for all food enthusiasts. In the true spirit of cooking with the seasons, Chef Zachow’s «Eggplant Puttanesca» features only the freshest autumn eggplant and complimentary vegetables.


1 Large Eggplant
2 Cans Chick Peas
4 Ounces Ricotta Cheese
1 Red Pepper, Roasted, Peeled and Cleaned
10 Garlic Cloves, Roasted
1 Small Spanish Onion, Diced Small
10 Kalamatta Olives
2 T Capers
 1/2 Can Artichoke Hearts, Quartered
2 T Chopped Garlic Cloves
Kosher Salt
Ground Fresh Pepper
1/3 Cup Grated Parmesan
 1/2 Cup Burgundy Wine
1 Cup Basil Marinara
2 T Chopped Rosemary
2 T Chopped Fresh Thyme
2 T Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
4 T Olive Oil
2 Cups Baby Arugula

Step 1- Combine chick peas, roasted red peppers, ricotta cheese, roasted garlic, lemon juice, kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper into food processor and pulse until smooth consistency is reached.
Step 2- Cut eggplant into 4 equal size cylinders and lay flat on your cutting board. Now take a paring knife and slightly hollow out the center being careful not take to much of the center out and not going all the way through.
Step 3- Pre-heat your over to 375 degrees. Next take chick pea mixture and spoon generously into hollowed out eggplant sections. Now grease a baking pan with a little olive oil and lay eggplant filling side up on it. Bake at 375 degrees for 30- 40 minutes or until soft to the touch.
Step 4- Put a large sauté pan over medium high heat. Next add 2 T olive oil, diced onions, chopped garlic, kalamatta olives, capers and quartered artichoke hearts. Sautee for about 10 minutes or until onions start to turn a golden color. Deglaze by adding burgundy wine, basic marinara, fresh herbs, and fresh squeezed lemon juice and continue cooking for 10 minutes. Finish seasoning with salt and pepper.
Step 5- For presentation serve on a large square plate if you have it but any large plate will do. Spread putensca sauce over the bottom of the four plates. Next top with Arugula and lastly set stuffed eggplant on top of the Arugula in the center of the plate. Finish by garnishing with grated parmesan cheese.

Come experience this unique and creative dish at the Bella Luna Restaurant located above the Milky Way Lounge and Lanes at 405 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, for reservations call 617-524-3740. The Bella Luna serves lunch Thursday and Friday, 11:30 am to 3:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday 11:30 am to 5:00 pm. Dinner is served Sunday thru Thursday, 5:00 to 10:00 pm, and Friday and Saturday 5:00 to 11:00 pm.

Bella Luna Restaurant is a fun, casual restaurant located above The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes at 403-405 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130. Bella Luna’s mission is to be a community-gathering place where everyone feels comfortable, has fun, and enjoys delicious food with friendly service. With weekly specials, a garden patio and so much mo


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