On December 18, 2008 St. Andrew’s Coffee House will present the first of many plays that will be hosted at the center.

A National Boricua Human Rights Network and Batey Urbano Production: Crime Against Humanity.

Written by poet and activist Michael Anthony Reyes Benavides and former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Luis Rosa, Crime Against Humanity comes directly from Chicago and confronts the physical and mental torture endured by Puerto Rican political prisoners for more than 27 years.

The characters gaze into their cell and experience the loss of parents, the transition of children into adulthood and feel the physical brutality and torture of a government out to make an example of them. We will see them as they refuse to be victimized and objectified, confronting their hardships and adversities while maintaining their dignity, and upholding their humanity.

Crime Against Humanity
December 18, 2008
7:00 PM
St. Andrew’s Coffee House
169 Amory St.
Jamaica Plain, MA
Costs: $8 general admission; $5 seniors & students


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