The Grupo Ponto de Partida-USA , in partnership with O Favorito.Com and support of the Café Bel presents the return of the project «Light, Camera and Action» ( in Portuguese, Luz, Cmera e Ao) with an amazing event, «The First Artists’ Halloween» party on Wednesday, October 28th starting at 8 p.m. at the café Belo in Everett.

The event also will be one of the scenes for the new Brazilian movie «I.D.» and will have the participation of the Miss Brasil Massachusetts 2009.

The First Artists’ Halloween Party
Wednesday, October 28th
Starting at 8pm
Tickets $10 | Prizes for the best costume
Café Bel de Everett, 158 School St., Everett , MA.
For more information call (857) 249-2143, (781)420-4710, (671) 334-4344

The Halloween’s party is the starting point of the project which will be in action every Wednesday at the Café Bel in Everett. This initiative was successful in the beginning of this year, helping to open doors to recognized artists in the community as well as be the place for revelation of new Brazilian talents.

The initial party will have as guests the singers Elo and Sonia Azul, Shevyston and Novais, the Boi da Lua group, and more.

» The project Light, Camera and Action is an incredible opportunity for the Immigrant community , specially the Brazilian, to show its identity, and express itself, its culture and feelings in an informal and creative way, using arts», said Elisa Garibaldi, one of the members of the project.

Robson Lemos, recognized actor/director in the Brazilian community explains» Projects like that not just open opportunities for our people, who have talent and are hard workers, be recognized. It is a way to integrate and unite at one place many cultures, Americans, Latinos and others together with the same language: Arts»

«In the actual moment, and with the globalization in vogue , nothing better that initiatives like that to help not just talk about our culture but to improve the relationship with other cultures and ethnicities who also have space to show their work» finalized Elisa and Robson. «It is very important to have the support and sponsorship of businesses and we are thankful to Café Bel and O for their trust in our work».

Mary Costa, American but with many Brazilian friends says, » This in a marvelous opportunity because many Brazilians and other immigrants work in different jobs and they have no hope that one day they will be broadcast in the USA and have their dreams come true, and be seen in a different perspective . They feel recognized and it is a relief for many hours of hard work»

«The Light, Camera and Action» project will not just be placed for performances but also a scenario for the new movie in production, by the name «I.D». I.D talks about a Brazilian Immigrant family w


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