State College, Pa. — 19 August 2009 – reports Hurricane Bill has become a large and powerful storm and is on a path through the western Atlantic between Bermuda and the East Coast of the United States through the weekend.

The Hurricane Center’s projected path of the Bill takes the center close to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Canada, late in the weekend into early next week.
Bill is moving to the northwest now, and a turn more to the north is in store late in the week. A turn to the northeast is expected over the weekend.

As the storm enters the cooler waters of the North Atlantic this weekend, it will weaken somewhat. However, stronger steering currents will cause the forward motion of the hurricane to increase.
Additionally, as Bill enters the northern latitudes, tropical storm-force winds will extend farther outward from the center.

«Big, bad» Bill’s effects will be far reaching. Seas in the open waters of the western Atlantic can surpass 30 feet. Large swells will propagate outward from the center with the greatest effects on the U.S. coast from the Carolinas northward to Maine.

Rip currents will increase in strength and number in the coming days along the East Coast of the United States, especially in northern areas. Bathers should be extremely cautious when venturing into water past their waist.

Some of the lifeguards have headed off to school at this point in the season. Avoid swimming on unprotected beaches.

Even if the center of Bill passes well to the west of Bermuda, north of Puerto Rico and east of Cape Cod, Mass., the large size and strength of the hurricane can bring a period of stormy conditions. How close Bill passes to these areas will determine the magnitude of the winds, rain and waves.
Shipping and cruise interests should keep checking back with for Bill’s position, strength and forecast path through the weekend.

Meanwhile, meteorologists will continue to monitor the remnants of Ana in the coming days for any sign of reorganization.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski


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