Miami, FL (MMD Newswire)– National recording artist Bill Zucker has released a new parody song about the TARP ( $700 billion Government bailout ) that’s taking the nation by storm.

«The TARP Song» («I want some TARP.») debuted on CNBC’s Power Lunch and has become an overnight success – WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

CNBC planned to play it once, but due to the response, played it 8 times during the broadcast. Quotes from the anchors were: «The TARP Song is the wittiest, funniest and catchy song to come out in years and I can’t get the song out of my head.» «The video is hysterical.»

Viewers calling in from all over the world were told they could get the song at and on iTunes.

Singer/songwriter Bill Zucker (originally from Springfield, Massachusetts), best known for his hit song Millennium in 2000, writes in The TARP Song: «With all the money they’ve given the companies…Give everyone a brand new car insured by A.I.G…And now I know why they call it fanny ‘cause their heads are up their….As I was saying.»

Bill Zucker says he was trying to find a way to make people laugh in these dismal economic times and said people were sending him thank you emails for showing the lighter side of such a depressing topic.

Zucker says at first people would ask, «What’s TARP?» And now everyone’s favorite saying is, «I want some TARP.» (T.A.R.P. stands for Troubled Asset Relief Program).

Zucker said the song is now starting to play on the radio and should spread fast across the U.S. The TARP Song video was just released and is now on the CNBC website and on CNBC’s Power Lunch. It is said to be the funniest video on

An internet MP3 sales site,, reports Zucker’s TARP song moving from #800 to #5 on their listening chart in 4 days.

When asked, «What’s next»?, Zucker (a Berklee School of Music alumni) replied, «I’d write a song ‘Bernie Made Off With My money’, but it might be in bad taste.» He smiled and said «you’ll see».

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