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Thursday, June 12, 7:00pm – 9:30pm

The Girl Who Told Her Secret to the Tree – 3min
An old Chinese tradition advises those burdened with secrets to leave a secret behind by telling it to an old tree in the forest. Through this tradition, ‘The Girl Who Told Her Secret to the Tree’ explores the character of the forest in mythology and folktales. Throughout the lore of countless cultures, the forest takes on a life of its own. The characters are ambiguous, anonymous and universal. This story is told in silhouette, effacing the details of the individual story while exploring the expressiveness and mystery of forest tales. The mythical Girl interacts with the forest–as another character–in an environment that blends live action and paper cut-outs.
Director: Eve Lebwohl

The Forest Flooded with Ink – 7min
When your hopes call will you answer or will you repent. A young artist, Jim, experiencing a recent breakup attempts to sort out his artistic and romantic desires when realizing he has been given the powers of a abnormal pen, by an unknown source, to bring into reality whatever he decides to conceive, draw and sign. His curiosity with this powerful gift causes him to come face to face with the unknown source, a dark and demented painter bent on releasing Jim of his given power and possibly his soul.
Director, Producer, Writer: Nicholas Santos
Collaborator: James Ludlow

Full Stop Hilltop – 11min
When the water mysteriously stops, a man is forced out of his daily routine to examine his life. He
revisits his past to consider the places and moments that shaped him. But in a constantly shifting world, these memories have lost the meaning they once had. Have the places changed or has he? What can these places tell him now – and do they always say the same thing? It’s time to pack a bag and head for higher ground.
Director, Producer, Writer: David Baeumler

Hannah’s Ride – 14min
Coming of age film about a girl caught between two worlds: the open landscape of a horse farm,
where she confronts physical danger, male sexual aggression, jealousy, and her own ambition; and
the confining suburban environment, where she struggles with her mother’s expectations of beauty
and propriety.
Director, Writer: Anne Loyer

Fratelli Breaks – 17min
Carmine Bianco is a bookie in Jersey. His little brother, Guy Bianco, still runs the family bakery in the North End of Boston. Their relationship is almost at an end . However, on this day, Easter, one
day a year, Carmine returns home to his little brother to celebrate the memory of the man who
taught them life lessons outside the Church and inside the bar…and to play some pool. It’s 9 ball.
10,000 dollars–all in. First to 10 wins.
Producer, Executive Producer, Co-Director, Co-Writer: Alex Scigliano
Co-Director, Producer, Co-Writer: Marcus Scigliano
Producer: Doug Shineman

Division – 100min
After their wedding, Michael and Catherine happen to live in the same house with Carol, Catherine’s mother, who kicked out her father long ago. As days go by, this young couple will learn how life can turn into a true saga. When the conjugal doctrine is kept silent to favor talks from the heart of a third person. What is the fate of a marriage when a third character come


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