As a proud Roxbury Preparatory High School (RPHS) parent and a proud resident of Roslindale for close to 18 years, nothing is more important to me than my child’s education. My daughter has been a member of Roxbury Prep since 5th grade, attending the High School since 9th grade, and I am extremely lucky that she will be graduating in June 2020. As of today, she has received eight acceptances to the eight colleges she applied to, and I know in my heart that RPHS helped to make those acceptances possible.

Roxbury Prep High School is committed to helping and preparing our students to enter into College and succeed. During my daughter’s time at RPHS, the school has been there to support her as a scholar and me as a parent. I love the staff! They show excitement, commitment, understanding and kindness to all the students. However, I am concerned that she is not getting a true high school experience because she has never been able to attend high school in one building. And all the while, our Roslindale community doesn’t have its own public HS – WHY?? Our students and our community deserve a high- performing high school and I truly believe the Roslindale site is a great location for them to continue to learn and grow as one high school.

Still, we have been waiting for more than a year for the Boston Planning & Development Agency “BPDA” to put this project on their agenda, the first step that will determine whether we can build the school our students deserve. Enough is enough – we have done everything we needed to do – we have responded to community concerns and have made adjustments on height and traffic. We have the support of our local District 5 City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo. It’s now up to the BPDA to do their job and put us on the February 13 agenda.

Deborah Dunlap

Roxbury Prep parent

Roslindale resident


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