NextBus and the MBTA offer new real time bus arrival predictions

Revere, MA - Riders of the Route 39, 111, 114, 116 & 117bus lines through Boston, Jamaica Plain, East Boston, Chelsea and Revere can now access real time predictions of when the next bus will arrive at their stop. NextBus alerts are available free of charge via phone, text, web, mobile web, and iPhone applications, giving riders up to the second information on when the next three buses will arrive. The NextBus system provides this information by way of onboard GPS tracking systems and is locally being called T Tracker by the MBTA.

Lawrence Rosenshein, VP at NextBus says, "We have received tremendous feedback of the system from transit riders across the country on the feeling of freedom knowing when the next bus is coming has given them. A little more time with the kids in the morning, a few more sips of coffee before heading out the door or an extra couple of minutes in the office at the end of the day can make a big difference in a person's day."

Next Bus is installed on public transit and on campus collegiate services across the country including the San Francisco MUNI, New Jersey Transit and on Cambridge's MIT campus. T Tracker is currently available on a total of 5 MBTA bus lines: the 39, 111, 114, 116 & 117.

To access the local NextBus system, visit NextBus.com or MBTA.com/TTracker. From either site, riders can gather stop information for on the go access or schedule reminders via phone, text, or email.