National Recognition for Physician Leader

WASHINGTON, DC--A doctor providing nonprofit healthcare from Massachusetts has proven that care for our most vulnerable disabled and elderly populations can be improved and better coordinated--and at a lower cost.

NCQA, the nation's leading driver of healthcare improvement and quality, is acknowledging the work of Robert J. Master, MD, alongside President Obama's Director of Management and Budget Peter Orszag, and two other honorees at a national awards ceremony in Washington, DC this evening. Dr. Master joins a prestigious list of former award recipients, including US Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and US Surgeon General David Satcher.

Dr. Master is being recognized for his leadership in improving the quality of care for vulnerable populations, most recently creating the Commonwealth Care Alliance, a nonprofit care delivery system committed to serving the elderly and individuals with disabilities through the provision of enhanced primary care in an integrated approach with related social support services. Commonwealth Care Alliance cares for over 2,000 members--Medicare and Medicaid's most medically complex and frail beneficiaries--by investing heavily and creatively in developing team models of care and providing primary medical care and community-based long-term care services. Commonwealth Care Alliance is able to deliver this highly personalized approach to care by bringing together Medicare and Medicaid financing to serve as the "insurer" as well as the organizer and provider of healthcare and social services.

"Commonwealth Care Alliance has demonstrated our long held conviction that real improvement in healthcare and cost outcomes can only come about by empowering primary care 'on the ground'. We do this by supporting physicians and patients more effectively with nurses, nurse practitioners and social workers with home visiting capacity and the ability to directly authorize needed services," states Dr. Master.

Senator Edward Kennedy has been a longtime admirer of Dr. Master's remarkable work and dedication. He said, "Bob has proven that the quality of medical care can be raised and costs can be better managed through effective and compassionate primary care. As we work on health reform at the national level, we can learn a great deal from Bob's successes at Commonwealth Care Alliance."

About Commonwealth Care Alliance
Commonwealth Care Alliance is a nonprofit care delivery system committed to the provision of integrated health care and related social support services. Created in 2003, Commonwealth Care Alliance is a "consumer-governed" organization offering a full spectrum of medical and social services for people with complex needs covered under Medicaid and for those "dually eligible" covered by both Medicaid and Medicare. For more information, visit www.commonwealthcare.org.