Felix G. Arroyo Mobilizes Over 70 Volunteers in Campaign for 2009 Boston City Council Contest

Boston, MA - On a historic Election Day, Boston residents exiting the polls across over 100 precincts were greeted yesterday by a message from Felix G. Arroyo, candidate for Boston City Councilor at Large. It was a simple message: "Thank you for voting!" With exactly one year to go before Election Day, 2009, Felix G. Arroyo mobilized an impressive number of campaign volunteers who greeted and thanked people, while inviting voters to stay engaged in the democratic process.
"Election Day is a celebration of what our county is all about," stated Felix G. Arroyo. "It is a day of renewal, when we all come out to reaffirm our faith in America. It's great that people are taking an enthusiastic stake in this Presidential election. I want to let everyone know that it's just as important to stay engaged and participate in local elections, because it's local decisions that often have the most direct impact in our communities."

Felix G. Arroyo's campaign is off to an impressive start with over 70 volunteers spread out across Boston, covering over 100 precincts, before a formal campaign launch announcement.

"We are not really interested in the tired way of doing things. We are dedicated to building a campaign that helps people participate in and take ownership of the decisions that affect them," Arroyo said. "Our campaign is based on accountability, transparency, family, and justice. We want all voters to be an integral part of the decisions that affect us all."

Felix G. Arroyo Felix was born and raised in Boston and is a graduate of the Boston Public Schools. His parents, Felix D. Arroyo (former Boston City Councilor) and Elsa Montano (Boston Public School Teacher), instilled in him and his siblings the values of community, participation and justice. Felix was born in the South End, raised in Hyde Park and now lives in Jamaica Plain where he shares a home with his wife Jasmine, who is a Boston Public School Teacher.
Arroyo has been working professionally in public service and community organizing for over 8 years. Felix is currently a Field Director at Northeast Action where he is coordinating a three state campaign to win national universal health care. The campaign is focused on building the ground support and support in Congress in hopes that a universal health care bill will be signed by the new Presidential Administration.

Prior to working at Northeast Action Arroyo was the Political Director for SEIU Local 615 from September of 2004 to August of 2008. At SEIU Local 615, Felix was responsible for coordinating the unions political organizing and ensuring that the membership of Local 615 was active and informed on political issues that affect their families and communities.

Arroyo gained his legislative experience while working in Councilor Chuck Turner's office from January of 2000 to August of 2004. While working at the City Council, Felix worked on five City of Boston budgets as well issues like housing, education, public safety and quality of life.

Felix G. Arroyo is also active in his community where he is a volunteer youth baseball coach and an elected board member of the Jamaica Plain Community Centers. Felix is also an elected member of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council and was elected by his colleagues to serve as their Vice Chair.
Arroyo did his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston and completed his Master Degree in Community Economic Development at Southern New Hampshire University.

For more information, visit: www.felixarroyo.com